13 Apr

This blog has been a failure.

There, I said it.

I started this blog back in August 2012 in a bout of inspiration from reading Neville Medhora.  But I don’t think I had a real driving reason for creating the blog and my propensity to half-finish things led to me losing inspiration and not touching it again until now…8 months and $20-something later (the fee WordPress charges).

I still read other blogs, and one of the recurring topics I keep learning about is failure.  Failure is necessary for success, it helps you grow and improve, etc.  I believe this to a certain extent, but I think failure can lead to more failure and inaction if you don’t admit to failure.  So that is what I am doing right now.  I failed at this blog because I didn’t care enough about it and I didn’t choose to dedicate time to it.  Once I put it down for a while, that anxiety or unease to ADMIT that I failed at it is what caused me to ignore it for so long.  I was in effect ignoring (and not admitting to) failure by proxy of ignoring my blog.  This is kind of circuitous because the reason I probably stopped writing was because of a fear of failure in the first place.  That fear is something I constantly struggle against.  It is fear of failure…but also possibly fear of success.

Fear of success ties into how I figured out why I want to write this blog.  This blog is to help people get over BOTH fear of failure AND fear of success in attaining social mobility.  I know I have this fear, and I know others do as well.  Escaping your social class entails a great deal of courage- it is a huge change in your how you live your life, and it can mean leaving your family, friends, and coworkers behind in an economic sense.  It can mean becoming that “jerk in the Mercedes” you used to sneer at (jealously).  It takes a psychological approach to be able to accept improvement and success for yourself when it entails a separation from others you care about.

I think this is where my fear of success comes from.  I think this blog will help me and my readers talk about this psychology and help us accept success.  Leave a comment below to tell me what you think is holding you back from escaping your social class.



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