27 Aug

Well it has been over a week since my last post.  I’ve been procrastinating BIG TIME with a lot of things going on, including this blog.  I have a salary review coming up which I’ve *kind of* been preparing for…which is really unacceptable.  For those with traditional full-time jobs, your salary has and will play a MAJOR impact on your financial well-being, as well as your ability to attain social mobility.  A $5k raise now has a multiplier effect on your salary for the rest of your life (most of the time).  As your salary grows it increases your odds of retaining or boosting that salary even as you move from job to job.

I want to post a little more in depth about this later in the week.

To no surprise to me, my (Rest of) August Goals have suffered along with my procrastination.

I intend to be honest with this blog, so admissions like this will come from time to time.  Unlike a lot of personal development bloggers, I don’t plan on perpetuating some ridiculous facade that I’m superhuman and have no faults but ALL the answers.


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