It’s Alive!

19 Aug

This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of success in life.  The inspiration for the blog is the theme of escaping your social class.  I have a theory that the reason many people don’t pursue enhancing their social positioning is that they view their parents as the goal, and that if they can attain the lifestyle that their parents had, then they have succeeded.

I reject this assumption that success is achieved once you’ve reached the lifestyle of your parents.  In fact, most people say that the goal of a child should be to become more successful than their parents…but they don’t do anything to achieve that.  I came from the middle class, and from my experience in it I’ve found a pervasive disposition of complacency and settling.  People are OK with what they have, and they’re not interested in acting to achieve more.  I think to a certain degree this is fine (in order to be happy with your current situation).  However, I think this attitude can fester and become rotten, and that is how people end up in the same job or in the same pay range for their entire lives.

I don’t want this to happen to me, and I don’t want it to happen to you.  This blog will track my journey from class to class as I “move up the ladder.”  As I write this I am 23 years old, and will turn 24 this month.

The two driving motivations behind this blog are:

1- To give myself accountability so that I always have the goal of self improvement in mind

2- To add value to the lives of the people who read this blog (if there are ever any people who read this 🙂 )

So, onward into the unknown of personal, financial, and career development involved in escaping your social class.

So it goes…


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